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At DCTF-FAREP, we are on a mission to address pressing issues surrounding affordable housing and homeownership within Asian American and other minority communities. Our dedication stems from a profound commitment to social equality and justice, particularly in light of the alarming increase in Asian hate crimes in recent times.

Our organization was born out of a passionate desire to provide a platform for community leaders, granting them the voice and agency needed to advocate for our communities. Furthermore, we aim to inspire and mentor the younger generations, empowering them to create new opportunities in the realms of real estate and finance, ultimately fostering economic independence.

Our overarching goal is to extend a helping hand to those who need it most—homeless individuals, senior citizens, battered women, those facing financial distress and housing insecurity, and those striving to achieve the dream of homeownership. We firmly believe that everyone deserves one of life's fundamental necessities: shelter, a roof over their heads, and a chance at the American Dream.

Statistics reveal stark disparities in homeownership rates among minority communities, with a glaring lack of support for Asian American communities from government programs, major banks, and corporations. While mainstream perception often casts Asian Americans as the model minority, reality paints a different picture.

One critical issue is the exclusion of Asian American communities from government plans and budgets designed to revitalize and empower minority communities. For too long, we were relegated to the "Other" category on the US Census, a classification that inherently treated us differently. Mainstream media tends to focus on high-achieving Asian students, but the majority of our community remains unseen.

At DCTF-FAREP, we aim to raise awareness about the economic diversity within the Asian American community. We recognize that while some individuals have found success, many are still grappling with the challenges of homeownership and housing security. Through our platform, people will have a voice to communicate their concerns to the government and mainstream America, presenting problems and potential solutions we can collaboratively address.

Our ultimate objective is to create a safer, more equitable, and just society for ourselves and our children. Although our mission is altruistic, we believe that everyone will benefit from living in a society that is more equitable, safe, and prosperous.

Through collaboration and support from leading educators and professionals in the real estate and finance industries, DCTF-FAREP offers an internship and mentoring program. Our fellows will engage in a series of seminars, trainings, and networking events. Our vision is to empower young people to build robust relationships and gain professional experience, enabling them to reach their full potential and contribute positively to their communities. Together, we can make our society a better place for all.

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