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Accessible Housing

Accessible Housing

Helping The Community

We're here to give the Filipino community the right to access affordable housing, education, healthcare, food, and other basic needs. With …
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Empowering Minority Communities

DCTF-FAREP empowers real estate professionals to enhance sustainable homeownership opportunities for minority communities while promoting affordable housing. We are dedicated advocates for diversity, equity, and economic opportunities, actively curating and mobilizing resources to contribute to the creation of a better society.

Our organization, DCTF-FAREP, is committed to supporting the Filipino community in gaining access to essential resources, including affordable housing, education, healthcare, and food. We believe in addressing the fundamental needs of the Filipino community, striving for their well-being and prosperity.

Our Journey Towards Affordable Housing

At DCTF-FAREP, we are on a mission to address pressing issues surrounding affordable housing and homeownership within Asian American and other minority communities. Our dedication stems from a profound commitment to social equality and justice, particularly in light of the alarming increase in Asian hate crimes ...

Transforming Lives and Communities

Our commitment to addressing affordable housing and homeownership challenges within Asian American and other minority communities has resulted in profound and tangible changes. We take immense pride in our transformative impact on individuals and families who have benefited from our comprehensive programs and ...

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