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First Vice President

Agnes Santos

A seasoned mortgage professional who
provides customized lending solutions for her clients' specific needs. Not all financing needs are created equal. But there is one lender that is meant for you.  With decades-worth of banking and mortgage-lending experience, Agnes is more than just your lender, she is your partner in closing that loan that would open up opportunities for you and the people around you who would benefit from YOUR partnership. Agnes and YOU make a great team. Together, YOU and Agnes are opening doors to new beginnings.
As a side hustle, Agnes is a singer/performer by night.
She recently performed at the Moonshiners Bar and Lounge with other artists and the Bits in Motion Band and was one of the guest performers at the David Dimuzio show with Sandra Amor at the Euphoria Disco in West Covina.  She is the female lead vocalist of the LA JAM band, performing with local artists including Sebastian Sidi's show at the Catalina Jazz, a benefit concert for the Alexis Louise Quiza Children's Foundation where Agnes sits in the board. Her US-comeback performance entitled, “Timeless,” also had a successful run for three consecutive seasons.  She is honored and delighted to be part of the DCTF-FAREP where she is tasked to handle the foundation's business development needs.

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