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Josephine Inacay

Josephine Inacay, fondly called JOSIE is a dedicated and experienced real estate agent with a passion for helping individuals navigate the complexities of the real estate industry. With strong track record of success, she has built a reputation as a trustworthy and knowledgeable partner for her clients. In addition to her role as a realtor, she also owns and manages FOREX Cargo Eagle Rock and Eclipse Hospice Care where she leverages her experience and expertise to drive growth and prosperity.

She is actively involved in her community as an officer of LA Skyline Lions Club where she volunteer her time to various service projects. She has also served as a VP of FABAG-GLAC, where she helped to lead and support important charitable initiatives. Her commitment to making a positive impact in both the business world and the community drive her to continuously strive for excellence in all her endeavors.

Josie Inacay finished her Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Finance at Far Eastern University in the Philippines. She is married to a businessman and nurse Nick Inacay. She has 4 grown children who are already making waves in their own respective fields.

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